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March 2018

We are Elena and Darko Stojanovski, a Macedonian couple, living in Ljubljana. We came to Jezersko with our 16-month-old daughter Georgina. We had the opportunity to taste the ”Winter weekend in Jezersko”.

Even if it was in the middle of March, the winter in Jezersko was still pretty much alive, that’s why we were happy to get a chance to practice cross-county skiing with instructor Primoš Šenk and spend some  time playing with our daughter on the snow.
After lunch at Šenkova domačija, where the traditional food was very tasty and rich in flavours, we had a nice afternoon walk with Lucija from the tourist farm Ancel. She explained the history of Jezersko and took us to Jenkova barracks,  the church of St. Andrew, and even to higher grounds to see the beautiful panoramic view of the valley where the skiing paths are.

The afternoon sauna at the Šinkova domačija was a very good idea to complete the day and relax a bit before dinner.
We went back to the tourist farm Ancel to have dinner, which was delicious with home-produced beef and vegetables from the oven.
We spent the rest of the evening in a quite and relaxing atmosphere at the place of our accommodation (Ancel).
The second day was more easy in terms of schedule. Right after breakfast we spent some time outside cross-country skiing again, despite the fact that it was  more cloudy and a lot colder, but Darko did not give up.

Polona at the Šenkova domačija is an amazing chef, the lunch was again delicious. Later Lucija took us to the “Stara pošta” bar for liqueur tasting, made of herbs from the Jezersko region. To wrap up the weekend, we visited the spring of mineral water and tasted the water, as well, which has a specific taste, very much worth trying. After that we hit the road back to Ljubljana.

The weekend in Jezersko was filled with great moments for all of us. We will definitely come back in another season, when everything will be green again to explore other things Jezersko has to offer.

Elena and Darko Stojanovski

Photos: Elena & Darko