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August 2018

Charming Slovenia Herbal Glamping Resort – 24 hours enjoying a hidden paradise in Ljubno ob Savinji

As two mums excited about the prospect of a rare night away from our kids, never in our wildest dreams did we expect that a paradise oasis would be waiting for us, hidden in plain view in Ljubno ob Savinji.

The wow factor!
We arrived at the resort after the 2.5-hour scenic drive from Koper just before 2:00, parked across the road on a tidy gravel car park, and hastily made our way to reception to check in. From across the road we couldn’t see what was waiting for us behind the impeccable wooden fence – this anticipation was certainly a huge part of the attraction to our mysterious journey. We were escorted to our tent by the lovely Polona, who (we think) could tell that we were in need of some serious rest & relaxation! Despite our tent being situated only a few metres away from the main entrance, it took us about 15 minutes to get there because as you begin to walk through the resort, you find that your breath is taken away by an incredibly green and lush secret garden, complete with natural infinity pool and vibrant pink water lilies. We were taken completely aback; the entire resort is covered with the sort of soft, green grass that the Queen of England herself would be proud of.

Glamping in style
When we finally arrived to our tent, aptly named “Sage”, we found ourselves like kids at Christmas! Both of us had been camping before, but ‘glamping’ is something else entirely! Once Polona drew back the front canvas which made up the door of the tent, we were greeted by a gorgeous interior; the tent came complete with a luxury bathroom, his and her sinks, outdoor shower (and a see-through roof to protect you from the elements), television, WiFi, I mean we had everything we needed…or did we? 😉 Polona had saved the best to last when she unveiled our own private hot tub!!!! Now we really were ready to relax. You know when you’re so happy you could cry…well that was us!

Sensory overload
After the long and winding journey to Ljubno ob Savinji, we were very hungry, so after settling in, we went immediately to the terrace restaurant to see what delicious treats ‘glamping’ had for us. The table was adorned with a selection of fine herbs, something that we observed at every step of our stay– details matter, and this was the Herbal glamping resort, after all. Our waiter came to our table but curiously, he didn’t give us a menu…he knew what we needed before even we did. He asked us what activities we had planned for the afternoon, and then gave us a selection of possible foods to try. After we ordered, we watched the chef (who was a runner-up in the Slovenian Master Chef television series) prepare our food in the outdoor kitchen, this was such a treat. When the food arrived it was absolutely delicious, and a food bloggers dream. The combination of the delectable tastes we found in the restaurant, the incredible view over the garden with the soothing sound of the infinity pool splashing away, the touch of the wooden path beneath our feet, and the exotic fragrance of the herb garden, really made Charming Slovenia Herbal Glamping Resort a full-on sensory experience!

Pamper yourself
With saunas, massages, hot tubs and the showcase natural infinity pool on offer, we were not short of things to do just within the resort itself. Petra Kordiš, Director of the resort, had planned many exciting activities for us to do out and about the local area, but with only 24-hours to enjoy the full glamping experience, and with Shawnda in the last 2 months of her pregnancy, we knew we were not going anywhere! An opportunity missed is another opportunity gained as Shawnda instead opted for a sport massage for the afternoon with Tim, the on-site kinesiologist and masseuse. Her comment when she came back was “I’m fixed!” – Meanwhile, Natalie had enjoyed her own hot tub experience which she described as ‘just phenomenal – a real treat!’ Whilst Shawnda was relaxing in the infinity pool, Natalie tested out the sauna, which went very well indeed. The sauna was beautifully furnished, like everywhere else in the resort; we felt like celebrities!

An excellent example of Slovenian tourism sustainability
Charming Slovenia Herbal Glamping Resort is an excellent example of sustainable tourism at its best. Between the Slovenian food, cooked by Slovenian chefs, in a resort founded by a family from Ljubno, and run by a Director from the nearby Velenje, including a young staff from the surrounding area, this really left a positive impression on the two of us. From the moment we stepped through their doors, we were overwhelmed by the level of service we received from the staff. Young, knowledgeable, professional, and respectful staff made sure we felt comfortable and had everything we needed. As foreigners, we have noticed that working in the hospitality industry in Slovenia sometimes has a bit of a bad image or reputation, especially amongst young people and Slovenians themselves, therefore it was an absolute pleasure to see everyone here working with pride and enjoyment, and making sure that they did all they could to accommodate us and their other guests, without overdoing the service.

Respecting your privacy
There are only 10 tents within the entire resort, meaning there is no overcrowded restaurants and no noise by the pool (even when young children and families were there). We felt like we had stepped into a small, private community, where everyone respects your privacy as a guest, and appreciates that you want to be left to experience this paradise on their own terms and in their own good time. There was no impression of being overtly watched, and no one was taking any photos of the guests. We felt assured that our privacy mattered to the resort.

Final thoughts
Although we could write another ten pages, we think you’ve gotten a fairly accurate picture of what glamping is all about. J Quiet, peaceful and inclusive of whatever you may need to relax and unwind, whether it’s a family vacation, a business lunch, or two mums escaping for some pampering-we will definitely be back! In summary, if you find yourself needing a break from it all, or just want to be alone for a few days of quality time with your friends, this is the hidden gem to discover. Thank you Charming Slovenia Herbal Resort and Radio Si for this wonderful and memorable experience!!!

Natalie Nicholls and Shawnda Morrison

Photos: Natalie & Shawnda