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Suggestions list 2019 – vote for your favourite!

Murska Sobota – the Heart of Pomurje

Murska Sobota, the heart of Pomurje region is the best starting point for exploring the tourist attractions, nature, tradition and delicious culinary of the region. Take a tour at the newest tourist attraction in Pomurje - Expano pavilion which offers an unforgettable...

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Pure Soča Adrenaline – FINALIST#3

Are you a fan of outdoor activities? If yes, then the Soča valley is definitely a must for visitors of Slovenia. Next to water experiences, the area offers numerous pearls of nature and cultural sights. Hikers and cyclists will surely enjoy the vast world of high...

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Bike and hike around Nadiža river – FINALIST#11

The village Robidišče lies in the Posočje area, in the arms of Julian Alps and four turns above the warmest Alp river in Europe, Nadiža. Outdoor gods have placed it on the sunny plateau, only 15min away the touristy Kobarid and the Soča river. You can spend some alone...

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Velenje Underground – FINALIST#4

This unique adventure is one of the best ways to experience VELENJE UNDERGROUND. Get up close and personal with Velenje`s center on this walking tour and culinary experience. You will get a flavor of the local cuisines and culture of young town. With the oldest...

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Škofja Loka Area Experience – FINALIST#9

Škofja Loka area is an area where for centuries inspiration from nature has been encouraging the creativity of artists and craftsmen. Škofja Loka area is an area which invites you to come and discover, with inspiration from creativity, outdoor activities, and tasting...

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Experience Pannonian world – FINALIST#5

Pannonian village is a magical place, a little heaven on Earth that lies at crossroads of the beautiful Prekmurje plains in the north-east corner of Slovenia, close to Austria and Hungary. It is located in a tiny peaceful village Tešanovci, 2 km from the famous...

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Wilderness of Kočevski Rog – FINALIST#10

The Kočevsko region represents one of the best-preserved and rounded forest habitats in Europe and offers the most heartfelt experience of nature and contact with many different plants and animals. Almost 90% of the region is covered by forests and among them are some...

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Holiday houses of Slovenian Istria – FINALIST#6

In the heart of Slovenian Istria, just a 15-minute drive away from Koper town centre, you can experience something unique by taking a break and spending some time in the Holiday houses of Slovenian Istria. The houses are located in the midst of a vineyard and offer a...

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Relax in Podčetrtek – FINALIST#1

Ortenia–Eco apartments are located in nature in the thermal part of Slovenia, at the heart of Kozjansko in the village of Podčetrtek. There are a total of six eco-accommodations based on modern principles of innovative, sustainable construction that offer sustainable...

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