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Škofja Loka area is an area where for centuries inspiration from nature has been encouraging the creativity of artists and craftsmen. Škofja Loka area is an area which invites you to come and discover, with inspiration from creativity, outdoor activities, and tasting typical local specialities. Choose your inspiration and treat yourself to a Škofja Loka area experience.

Your day trip will begin with coffee at the renowned coffee house Homan on the main square in Škofja Loka. Then follows the tour of the old town centre of Škofja Loka – one of the most authentic medieval towns in Slovenia. Whilst exploring Škofja Loka you will also cross the Devil’s Footbridge. The locals say that the wooden footbridge over the Sora river was named after a former appearance here by the Devil. After a tour of the town you will visit the Škofja Loka DUO Arts and Crafts Centre, where you can take part in a handicraft workshop – baking small Loka honey breads, carving, felting, weaving etc. The next part of the journey leads to the wonderful Poljane countryside, where you will visit one of the many welcoming homesteads which produce their own farm goods and products – a tour of the farm and a chance to sample their home-produced delights. Exploring Poljane countryside will end with a visit of the renowned Tavčar Manor with its permanent exhibition which shows how the manor has changed through the centuries. Next comes a deserved delicious traditional lunch in one of the local restaurants. The day will end with a walk through old Železniki, where you will end at one of the oldest furnaces to be found far and wide. After the tour of the town a blacksmith will demonstrate the art of shaping iron.

Day 1
08.30 – coffee at the coffee house Homan in Škofja Loka
09.00 – tour of the old town centre of Škofja Loka
10.00 – visit of the Škofja Loka DUO Arts and Crafts Centre + handicraft workshop
11.30 – visit of the local homestead + tasting of products
13.00 – visit of the Tavčar Manor in Visoko
14.00 – traditional lunch at the local restaurant
16.00 – tour of the old town of Železniki
17.00 – demonstration of the art of shaping iron

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