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Possibly overlooked, but yet impressive places to visit

Radio Si is searching for hidden gems that remain unknown to many people who visit Slovenia

Think of…an unforgettable experience, an unpretentious ambience, a delightful and photogenic place, a laid-back atmosphere, excellent food, friendly people, a pure delight…

Duration of project: January-November 2019
12 exquisite providers – 12 visits from foreigners, who try out their offer – 12 radio shows
Voting: October 2019
Award ceremony: November 2019

We are introducing Slovenia’s most attractive tourist offers for visitors from abroad.
In general, foreign visitors are mostly drawn to the most famous places, like the Lake Bled resort, Ljubljana castle, Postojna cave, the coastal town of Piran etc.

But the project Slovenia’s hidden gems aims to remind our audiences of the many other excellent locations and experiences that are also a must, in order to get a deeper feel of the country’s rich traditions, including cuisine, culture and other unique and innovative (but secret) tourist attractions.

Please give us your proposals for any unique location, service or tourist offer, that you would definitely share with foreign visitors to Slovenia.

The best rated suggestions and ideas will then be tested by foreigners living, working or studying in Slovenia  (members of our Radio Si International Club). They will then share their experiences with our audience in a show and on our Radio Si website www.sloveniashiddengems.si, introducing the excellent providers, too.

At the end of the season, it will be time for all of you to vote among the 12 excellent finalists and pick three winners, who will receive the »Slovenia’s hidden gem 2019« award.

Help us discover and introduce the most interesting (perhaps even hidden) tourist gems and offers for our foreign visitors!

The project aims to promote interesting and innovative tourist products and services, that offer the best they have in terms of showcasing the rich diversity of Slovenia’s landscapes, from Prekmurje in the NE to Primorska in the SW.

Do you have any suggestions?

Terms of participation:
Any tourist offer that is not considered one of the well-known and popular tourist attractions in Slovenia can be placed as a proposal. We are looking for overlooked but exceptional places in Slovenia that Slovenians would suggests guests from abroad should visit. This can be a natural sight, a culinary offer, an experience, an accommodation, a one or two-day tourist package, an adrenalin-fuelled adventure…

Vote for the currently proposed ideas (the ones that will receive the most votes will be chosen to be introduced and visited by the foreigners):

The provider agrees to:
a test of the offer – a visit by 2 to 4 foreigners who live, work or study in Slovenia

The location receives:

  • Promotion in shows on Radio SI
  • A presentation on the website: sloveniashiddengems.si
    Those offers that were rated the best will receive the award »Slovenia’s hidden gem 2019« and additional promotional benefits as part of this campaign

1st place

  • presentation in the shows “My life my music,” “Nasvet za izlet (Trip Advice)”
  • promotional package at an exceptional price
  • a banner on the websites  www.sloveniashiddengems.si and www.radiosi.eu – 45 days

2nd place

  • presentation in the shows “Think green”, “Nasvet za izlet (Trip Advice)”
  • promotional package at an exceptional price
  • a banner on the websites  www.sloveniashiddengems.si and www.radiosi.eu – 30 days

3rd place

***The winner of the current year must not participate in the competition Slovenia’s hidden gems for the following three years, the 2nd placed entry must not participate the two following years and third placed not one year.

***The campaign Slovenia’s hidden gems is not paid for. Providers are selected by the editorial board of Radio SI and its listeners, who vote for the suggestions.