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The Kočevsko region represents one of the best-preserved and rounded forest habitats in Europe and offers the most heartfelt experience of nature and contact with many different plants and animals. Almost 90% of the region is covered by forests and among them are some most perserved areas of Slovenia and even Europe.

Virgin or primeval forest is a forest in which man has not intervened. Development of forest follows the natural laws. Birth and death take place without the interference of man that nature often impose their ‘smart’ decisions. Therefore, nowadays these forests are also a very important classrooms, where people can learn many things. Here, we do not chop, do not remove felled/dead trees and do not gather berries or mushrooms. Entry is prohibited in virgin forests, so we have diverted hiking tracks along, from where you can “peek” on some of the most beautiful parts of these forests. This is quite enough to see how these forests differ from the ones that were arranged according to our criteria and to feel the wilderness of these places.

Day 1
9:00 Meeting a tourist guide in Hostel Bearlog.
9:30-10:30  Visit of Željnske jame caves
11:00 -14:00 Hiking along a border of Rajhenavski Rog virgin forest / feeling the call of wilderness, following »bear footprints« and signs of animals in its natural environment
14:00-15:30  Forest picnic
16:00-16:30  Visit of local beekeeper who successfully coexists with a bear
16:40-17:30 Visit of Kočevsko jezero lake (canoeing or SUP-ing) and TIC Kočevsko
17:50-18:20 Visit of Ranch Marina and dinner at hunting

** This programme was developed according to sustainable tourism standards and with the smallest possible impact on the environment, especially the wildlife.
** Mandatory equipment: good hiking shoes

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