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May 2018


we are two Czech girls, Zdenka and Gabriela, who had the opportunity to go with journalist Lidija from Radio Si to the small Slovenian town of Tolmin. She sent us the itinerary prior to our trip, but it was impossible for us to imagine what was ahead of us. 😊

Our trip started in Ljubljana, by hitting the road by car. It took us almost two hours to Tolmin. At the sports and recreation center Maya they welcomed us with delicious homemade salami, cheese, cottage cheese and potato bread. Then Lidija joined us and our adventure started. We got bikes, helmets, a map and were handed over to our guide for the day Žan. By the way, he was really great! 😊 Our task was to ride nearly 25 km around Tolmin, find several places along the way and gather as much information as possible. For example, we visited a family dairy farm, the German ossuary, a little privat first world war museum, a fish farm, a tourist farm etc.

It was a really good idea to connect nature, sports, local people, local cuisine, local history, monuments and tourism. On the way, we met very nice people who explained us about their life, their work, their lifestyle, so it was easier for us to imagine how people live in the Soča valley in and around Tolmin.

After the ride, the second and definitely the most excited part of our trip started. Both of us went water rafting for the first time. Dressing in neoprene suits was the hardest and the most fun part, as well! 😊 Trust us, it is a big deal! 😊 First, we got a quick course on how to behave in a raft, how to ride it and how to survive. 😊 We have to be honest, we were not really sure what to do, we didn’t get it and we went on the Soča river a little afraid. But it turned out to be one of the most beautiful experiences in our life! 😊 Just the beautiful Soča river, incredible nature and us. We didn’t do the job like professionals would, but never mind, since we really enjoyed it! 😊 And the best part was, when our guide Žan stopped us by a huge rock in the middle of the river and told us to climb it and jump into the water! 😊 Our first thought was ”No way, the water temperature is only around 2 degrees!” :O Of course, it was bit warmer, but we did it! We jumped into the water! 😊 The first feeling was: ”I won’t survive this, it’s reeeeeeeeally cold! But then we wanted to jump again! 😊 Our ride on the small raft took more than one hour. But during that time two Czech girls and one Slovenian radio journalist became best friends. 😊

When we got back to the Maya center in Tolmin, we were tired, wet and exhausted and we knew that our bodies would be suffering the next day. But we were happy, happy and excited of having one of the best experiences ever. To wrap things up, they prepared a nice dinner for us, grilled trout from the fish farm we visited earlier. We drove back to Ljubljana with a big smile on our face. We will definitely come back to Tolmin! 😊

Zdenka and Gabriela

Photos: Zdenka & Gabriela